What is pager?

pager is a visual link in bio powered by your screenshots. Your pager is filled with collections of content captured by your screenshots. Pager automatically links your screenshots in just a few minutes and viola! Now your community can see what you're shopping, listening, and reading with a screenshot.

What is link in bio?

Link in bio is a personal internet profile you can add to your social accounts to help people learn more about who you really are.

Can I use pager for Tiktok?

Yes! pager is built to specifically work with tiktok.

Can I use pager for Instagram?

Yes! pager is compatible with any social profile that allows you to add a link to your profile.

Do I need an iPhone to use pager?

Yes and no. Your pager is available to everyone via your personal pager website but to create a pager you need an iPhone. We’re sorry Android users, we know it’s frustrating, and we are committed to supporting Android when pager becomes available to more people.

Do I need a website to use pager?

You create your pager when you sign up!

What if I already have a link in bio?

We make it easy to set up your pager by importing your existing links from your link in bio.

Why should I use pager?

pager is visual! Imagine if your tiktoks were just text? Everyone would scroll. Your links should be visual too! It’s so much more exciting to see a song than a url.

Can I change my pager custom url?

Right now everyone’s url is pager.xyz/[username].

Is pager free?

Yes! pager is free for life for early users.

How many screenshots can I have on pager?