How to add a link to your TikTok bio

January 11, 2023

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Adding a link in your TikTok bio

Due to the limitations TikTok places on the number of links you can have in your bio (currently, TikTok only lets you add one clickable URL to your bio), it’s a great idea for creators to use a link in bio tool which allows them to link to a custom page with multiple links to their favorite content.

pager makes it easy to create collections of screenshots which automatically to all of your favorite websites, social media accounts, and much more.

Option: With a link in bio tool like pager, you can also create collections of visual links to your favorite brands, music, products, and much more - all by uploading a few screenshots. 

How to add a link to my TikTok bio.

- Sign up for a link in bio tool, like pager.

- Add your links, screenshots, and other content that you want to showcase to your followers.

- Generate your link (for example,

- Open your TikTok account, either on your phone or desktop.

- Tap on “Profile”.

- Tap “Edit Profile”.

- Enter your link in bio link into the website box. This will be the website you feature on your profile (and will be clickable, as opposed to regular text).

NOTE: You will need 1,000+ followers on Tiktok and will need to switch to a business account before you can add a link to your bio. If you are not able to add a link, it is because you don’t have the required number of Tiktok followers.

- Press “submit” to save the changes.

- Visit your profile and make sure you can click the link, and that it brings you to the correct page.

Why should I add a link to my TikTok bio?

TikTok bio links are a great way to showcase additional content you’ve created outside of the TikTok platform. This can include links to other social media sites like Instagram or Twitter, links to your personal website, links to Youtube, Spotify, or even your ecommerce store to sell merchandise. Without a link to these other sites, the likelihood that your followers will find and engage with you outside of TikTok is very close to zero.

Ideas for links to add to your TikTok bio.

At the very minimum, you should have a link to your personal website, ecommerce store, and other social media networks you actively post content in (this is a great way to grow your Instagram follower count, for example). You can also link to your favorite YouTube videos, songs and artists you like on Spotify, your favorite brands and products, and much more.

Be sure to have the most important links and screenshots first, these should include links to your other social media profiles and your personal website or ecommerce store.

Be sure that the content you feature in your link in bio is relevant to the content you produce on TikTok. Don’t immediately try to make a sale or ask your followers for their email address. t’s best to offer value and helpful content related to what they already love about your Tiktok. Consider adding links to your most popular and useful content, exclusive deals or discounts, and more.

Lastly, calling out your link in bio in your comments using emojis and in your videos can be a great way to draw people’s attention to your link in bio and to click on it.